Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Life On A Fabulous Blog

If you can possibly fall in love with a website (and let's face it, it's obviously more than possible, right everyone?) then my new beau on the block is Fabulon: Life On A Fabulous Planet. A heady mix of high fashion, glamazons, high art photography, retro style and camp humour.

Oh. Jeebus. This blog made me laugh out loud a whole bunch of times yesterday.

Try explaning that one to the workers at The Big Christian Charity. (I blamed the Tourette's. Woooop! Betch!)


thombeau said...

Oooooh, Andrew, you truly made my day!!!

Stay fabulous, bro...

The Other Andrew said...

I'm glad. I'm LOVING that blog of yours! Too damn funny. Seriously, you find the best pics and your pithy comments are hysterical. Keep up the good work!