Friday, May 11, 2007

Putting 2 and Two Together

I had a sudden realisation last night. Right after I got home, and after I had stopped off at a bookshop on the way home and bought a cupcake recipe book. The knitting thing. The wanting to bake cupcakes thing. The obssessively cruising interior design websites like these cool sites.

First thought, rapidly discarded, was that I'm pregnant. After a quick check to confirm the absence of womb (still), I despatched this thought. Second thought, also rapidly discarded after a quick check in the mirror, was that I was turning into Martha Stewart. Then I thought about an off the cuff question and answer with Graeme on Wednesday night at the pub.

[Whilst talking about guys, relationships, you know Boy Talk...]

Graeme: Do you want a boyfriend?
Me: [Nano-second pause] Yes. Yes I do.

So there. It's nesting. I'm not sure yet whether I'm trying to make myself into a Trophy Wife or a Chubby Hubby, but meanwhile I think I'm off to look at the Golden Retriever ads in the paper...


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

trophy wife! you sooo deserve to lounge around with a pink drink and sunnies checking out the pool boy ;-)

Kenyo said...

TOA, all you really need is a break. Perhaps a Knitting Cruise? It will be just the thing for you right now. Go Google "knitting cruise" and you're off to Mexico or maybe Alaska.

Who knew there were such things? I didn't.

Michael Guy said...

Nesting schmesting! Go get laid!!

Then report back about that womb with a view.

Sorry. Just felt compelled to go there.

Mindy said...

Go visit CrazyBrave and go to the Soccer Mum post for some great cup cake links.

Ur-spo said...

that would explain all those booties you are creating? hohoho

The Other Andrew said...

Yeah, I think I should go for Trophy Wife. The pay is better.

Booty and booties, eh? Well, it has a certain symmetry to it I guess.