Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Anthony Gayton

You know that for a tiny person I don't like to do things in small measures, right? (Except work, exercise, house cleaning... well, you get the idea.) Things I'm into, I'm really into.

Since discovering it recently I've been obssessively hanging out on Fabulon, to the point where Thom is now my new arbiter of all things fabulous. Thom has a great set of photography links on his blog, my recent post about Eugenio Recuenco was courtesy of Thom's links. I just checked out another of Thom's cadre and I think I'm in love!

Remember my admission (and slight over-share) that I have a weak spot for vintage porn? Well the works of Anthony Gayton are most definately not porn, but much of his work does tap into that sort of fabulous vintage homoeroticism. Think vintage guy mags, amateur pics or gay muscle guys on holidays as a few of the themes.

To wit:

Anthony's photos are arranged by 'story' and check out his site for more great pics in these series, and others. Some of his other themes include Renaissance and Medieval paintings, gods and mythology. Gorgeous!


thombeau said...

Andrew, you are, like, totally cool. Fabulous, even!

Drop me a line at my email (on my profile) so that I can reach you more...privately. I feel so open and exposed contacting you through these comments. So vulnerable. And so very afraid.

OK, that last line was a bit much; I should really get some sleep. Anyway, have a fantastic day and stay outta jail.


Dave Daniels said...

Ditto, Fabulon is fantastic stuff. I don't know where he gets his stuff, but it's all great. (I've had to email a few of his shoe posts to a shoe freak friend.)
And the vintage stuff is also GREAT. I've always got my eyes open for those sort of things, too. :)

Christopher said...

J'adore the first photo...the guy on the right looks like Dave Gahan (lead singer of Depeche Mode) but with plumped lips...and 20 years younger.

Kerry said...

Nice to see photos of guys unburdened by excess muscles.

Mindy said...

They look sort of wholesome and naughty at the same time.

The Other Andrew said...

I think we are all on the same page here boys! :)

I like the little story in the last pic. The gay softcore novel, the key in the boy's hand, the unlocked drawer... the photo is even called "Locked Drawer". Mmmm, junior has perhaps discovered his big brother's secret?

The Other Andrew said...

Ah, cross posted with you Mindy. All on the same page, boys & girls I should have said! :)