Saturday, May 26, 2007


Ah! Sweet, sweet Saturday!

It's cool here, but the sun is shining. I have two loads of washing on the line. I've been to the doctor and found out my blood pressure is improving, and that my cholesterol readings are reasonably good (high end of 'normal', but I'm going on some low dose meds to bring it down anyway). Shortly I'm heading off to a local cafe to meet with my friend Judy and a bunch of cool knitters, to sit, knit, drink tea and probably do some bitchin'. Afterwards I'm meeting my friend, and ex boyfriend, the adorable Stephen (who is visiting from Brisbane) for a few afternoon beers and a catch-up.

Life's good.


Anonymous said...

Yes Stephen is adorable and kind, yet lets face it a bit of a nutter. Lets kidnap him and make him live in Sydney one can debrief popular culture quite like steeeevieeee....... luv from ms mystery

tracey said...

:) Life *is* good

The Other Andrew said...

Ms Mystery, I think we should. (BTW - Stephen told me he showed you my blog, glad you popped by!)

Tracey, indeed it is! :)