Monday, May 21, 2007

Fight Or Flight

I've got the Auditors here at work this morning, and I've just had a nearly 3 hour session with them. Yup, I was first cab off the rank. It's kind of weird, because much of my job I've had to essentially make up as I go along, with very little guidance or procedural imput. Judging from their feedback I'm doing ok, some things need to be amended a bit or tightened up, but one big plus was their sheer surprise at the volume of work I have to get through each month.

Yes exactly, thank you.

I'm handing this job over in a few weeks to the two part-time staff who will be replacing me, so while I want things to be neat for hand over, ultimately it will soon no longer be my problem.

Soooo. ::exhale:: Audit mostly over. I didn't think I had any significant areas of concern, but you still worry about these things a bit, you know? It's that being judged thing. Having someone cast their critical eye over you. Trying to stay relaxed and not feel defensive.

Most importantly, trying to not give into the Fight Or Flight response. You know, the one that makes you want to lash out when feeling backed into a corner. To go on the attack.

The one that makes you want to point out that they have a $20 haircut and cheap shoes. So far so good.

[Updated: Whew! Feedback is in, we passed with flying colours. When they were leaving we got talking about the fact that I'm finishing up here at the end of June, and they said they'd put a good word in for me at Head Office. They love me. They really LOVE me. I take back all the meanness!]


Cecilia said...

Congrats on finishing audit. Does this mean you can slack off until you leave? :)

James said...

It must be that time of the year, as we've just had them for three weeks too.

Kerry said...

Well done,Andrew.

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks all. Cecilia, yes it (sort of) does! Hurrah! Well, at leat it means I can go back to spending too much time on Das Internetz.

James, three weeks? Yuk. The morning was enough for me.