Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Desire To Play Hookey

It's such a glorious bright and sunny day today, one of those fantastic Spring-like Autumn days we sometimes get here in Paradise. Work is kicking my ass, and I keep looking longingly out of the window of my office at the bright, bright sunshine.

Actually, I'm also looking at the balconies of the units across the way, and earlier I was watching the matriarch of the Indian family that lives in one of them do her morning rituals. It involves pouring water out of a brass urn thingy, and gazing skyward with suplicating gestures. I'm not sure who she is praying to, but she looks so beautiful and serene, and so elegant in her sari that I love seeing do it.

So. It's been one of those daydreaming sort of mornings. I'm busy as busy can be, but don't feel like doing much else other than going for a walk in the sunshine. Maybe a coffee somewhere that has dappled shade, and an interesting collection of passers by (with a high percentage of cute guys). Maybe a long browse through a good bookshop... or a yarn shop.

Bah. This whole working thing is cramping my style.


tracey said...

I thought the title was A Desire To Play Hockey. Heh.

I know what you mean though. The weather looks nice enough to be out all day walking around wherever your feet take you... Back to the stack of reports I go.

The Other Andrew said...

Yup, for me it's a stack of invoicing. Boooooooring...