Monday, May 07, 2007

Pretty As A Postcard

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you - Sydney Harbour!

First off, the Sydney Opera House. It's mighty pretty, either in full sun or at sunset:

Postcard Shot #1 Postcard Shot #3

That bridge is a handsome piece of engineering too, and not at all bad for a 75 year old. Also, turn and look the other way, to your right, and not only do you see the tops of the lovely Art Deco towers of the historic Luna Park amusement park, but the working harbour and Glebe Island Bridge in all their glory too:

Postcard Shot #2 Postcard Shot #4

Yesterday my friend Amy (aka GadgetGirl) had a late afternoon boozefest afternoon tea at Bradfield Park, nestled down on the harbour's edge between the Bridge and Luna Park, to celebrate her graduation as a fully fledged 'Libarian'[sic]. The weather was gorgeous, and so were we. Enough said.

[Click any of the pics to see them bigger.]


Michael Guy said...

This post looked lonesome without any comments, so here goes: I like pic #4. The art deco architecture suggests New York's Chrysler building. Only in Luna Park's case...brick-like. And two. But nice 'twin' photo composition. And the lighting is good.

.: my two cents :.

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks MG, thanks for taking pity on this porr little post. Jesus kills a kitten everytime one of my posts goes without comment. Just so you all know. You all couldn't let that happen, right?