Thursday, May 17, 2007

Misty, And Too Much In Love

Ok, first off the bat. What's the difference between fog and mist? I mean, they work together well as rhyming slang. Who hasn't had a night out with the boys and gone home a bit fog & mist? Really. But there is some sort of difference between the two though, right?

::consults the oracle::

M'kay, it seems that like so much in life thickness is paramount. Density. (As an aside, did you know that Princess Anne's ex-husband Mark Phillips was referred to as 'Fog', because he was thick and wet?)

So, this is a long, rambly, roundabout way of saying that I woke to thick mist this morning. Something to do with cold nights, warmer days and temperature of the ocean. Don't you just love science!? Curiously it looks a little less dense in the photo than in real life (if only I could pull that one off), but here is a shot into the mysterious mists from the end of the platform at Redfern train station this morning, part of my daily commute.

Anyone spot a gorilla?


M-H said...

Lovely photo. woo-oo, woo-oo...

nash said...

How did you know? Oh my sore head. Going back to bed now thank you...

and a very nice pic too

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks M-H! Mysterious... wooo-oooo! Wooo-oooo!

Nash, ah the after affects of fog & mist. You have my sympathy. Thanks for the compliment!

Jodie Sorrell said...

Hubby woke me at 0700 to show me the fog through the window. It was cold or I would have taken a picture too.

By the time I imerged from my pit and hour (oh so) later, it was all gone, exchanged for nice sunshine.

Thanks for the picture!

Fog and cupcakes with minutes of each other, what a world we live in!

The Other Andrew said...

I bring darkness and I bring light.

Dave Daniels said...

Mmmmm cupcakes.
Oh, wrong post.
Doesn't mist fall from the clouds and fog is, like, like, totally from warm and cold air coliding? Or something?
Hey, I'm no scientist. I just knit stuff.

Stilgherrian said...

Sadly that’s waaaaaay better than my quick snapshot from a moving taxi!

Michael said...

Did you know Johnny Mathis is a mo? I just found out.

What? I can't have an aside?

Look at me,
I'm as helpless as a kitten up a tree
And I feel like I'm clinging to a cloud
I can't understand,
I get misty, holding your hand.

The Other Andrew said...

avxdpDave, I understand! Science is hard. No purling, well that's a doddle.

Stil, thanks for the compliment but I like your pic too! It looks a bit later in the day, when much of it had burnt (burned?) off.

Michael, catch up sweetie. Mathis is a 'mo is OLD NEWS. Yes you can have an aside. Front side... backside... whatevs.