Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hold The Maio

Um, I know I'm a tad hungover after last night's drinking with the boys*, but perhaps I'm still drunk... Is it just me or have the month heading on my sidebar all of a sudden changed to a foreign laguage? Maio? Abril? Feveriero? (I think Feveriero is my favourite.)

Quell exotique! Ja?

Of course, if this miraculously all changes back shortly then this entry will make no sense, but you don't come here for sense right? Just take my word for it, that for a brief and glorious moment things were even stranger than usual around here.

* On the topic of hangovers. I'm not exactly saying that it was all James O'Brien's fault, but it has now passed the realms of coincidence, don't you think?

[Updated: Ok, I just refreshed and now it's all back to English. Weird.]

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