Monday, May 07, 2007

Pausing & Reflecting

Monday morning is a time for reflection. Not just reflecting on the thoughts "Please God, let me be anywhere else than here at my desk." and "How little work can I do today without anyone noticing?". Maybe, perhaps, also a time to look back upon the recent past, the weekend say, and pause and reflect on the good times. To allow the soft focus veil of nostalgia to descend.

Saturday began with a brief bloodletting by my doctor. Nothing like a good leeching to balance the humours! (Actually it was just a cholesterol test.) And because my doctor likes to be the bearer of good news, he also informed me that my blood pressure continues to descend without the aid of modern pharmacopeia. Yay me.

I headed into Chinatown afterward for a fantastic Yum Cha brunch at Zilver with Mikey (the lovely ex), Natalie, her mum Sandra, Linda and her new beau Ted. Much cholesterol enhancing fatty, salty, yum cha-y goodness was consumed. Nummy. Afterwards we headed to a nearby pub for an al fesco early afternoon beer in the glorious sunshine, before Mikey and I headed off to the cinema to see Spiderman 3.

What Mikey and I didn't realise when we bought our tickets was that it was a special Annoying People Get In Free Day at the cinema. The talkers behind us. The guy rustling through his backpack and talking back to the screen beside Mikey. The guy further along the row alongside me who made a call on his mobile phone during the film. "Can you hear me? Can you you hear me?", oh honey we all can. So, I admit to being a tad distracted by thoughts of crushing someone's head during the film. Even so, the film was quite good, quite enjoyable, and quite long. Not exactly 'meh', because there were big slabs of it that were really good, but still not quite brilliant. Worth seeing, but not my favourite of the franchise.

I capped the day off with a quiet night in with the teev and my knitting. The scarf continues apace.

Sunday I had a lazy morning lying in bed, reading a fantasy novel lent to me by my flatmate's daughter, "Luck In The Shadows" by Lynn Flewelling. I hadn't read any fantasy for a while, and although I didn't have high expectations I'm really enjoying it. Central to the plot is the burgeoning love affair of the two main male characters, even though it doesn't really read as a 'gay novel' as such. So far so good. (Lynn Flewelling has a livejournal if you're interested.) In the early afternoon I headed into Bradfield Park on the Harbour foreshore for Amy's (aka GadgetGirl) graduation congratulatory afternoon tea. See my previous post for pictorial goodness.

Can I just say, it's somewhat disconcerting when everyone starts a conversation by repeating back to me stuff they've read on my blog. It's nice, but it does sort of take the conversational wind out of my sails a bit. They've already heard it all, you know? Amy's mum is visiting from the US, and it was fun to find out that she's a reader too! Holla Lynne!

Much insufficiently chilled Sauvignon Blanc was consumed, along with assorted nibbly bits, photos were taken and laughs had. Around sunset we called it a day, having had a lovely afternoon. Sunday evening was the usual Ugly Betty/Grey's Anatomy tv session before calling it an early night.

Good times, good times. You?


Mikey (TLE) said...

I agree with you on the movie. One bonus point was the gratuitous shirtless action from James Franco. Oh, and longtime Sam Raimi "collaborator", Bruce Campbell's cameo as a snooty French waiter was pretty hilarious. I couldn't really get mad at the rustling man next to me in converstation with the onscreen characters. He was clearly a victim of this State's inadequate mental health system. And at least he was enjoying the film. The talkers and the phone user on the other hand...

The Other Andrew said...

Not just shirtless James Franco, in square cut boxer briefs no less...

I thought Bruce Campbell was too over the top really.