Monday, April 02, 2007

It's Just Like Riding A Bike

Some old skills may get rusty, but they're just lying dormant. Biding their time. Or so it seems.

Sure it's only a small square with some garter stitch rows and some stockinette in lurid (but kind of fabulous) purple acrylic yarn, but it was my first attampt at knitting in over 30 years. It's neat enough to be enouraging, yet not so neat that I can look at it and think My work here is done. You know? Anyway, it was fun and after I took this off the needles I had a stab at a sample of 4x4 rib* with the intention of knitting a scarfe for winter.

Only, not in this yarn. Something more natural maybe.

So, it's like I have a new hobby all of a sudden. My gran taught me to do basic knitting when I was around 10, and I haven't picked up a pair of needles since shortly afterwards. I'm a bit slow and fumbly at present, but at least the results are neat(ish) and improving.

* See that, that's technical knitting talk y'all!

[PS: I should say how much fun I had taking this photo. Early morning, using the lovely grey weathered surface of my outdoor table as a backdrop, and trying to angle a makeshift reflector (foil covered baking dish!) to throw some extra light - whilst shooting with the other hand. Muti-tasking y'all.]


yaniboy said...

C'mon... you're not going to make yourself a big homo purple scarf? Or maybe a purple beanie?

What fun is that... :P

Failing that you could always make a scarlet scarf :)

The Other Andrew said...

I might still go for purple, it's a favourite colour of mine and I wear quite a bit of it. This yarn is really el cheapo acrylic though, so I might go for something a bit nicer! :) I can't wear red, it makes me look like a cheap whore... truth in advertising?

M-H said...

You know about our Newtown group, right? Saturday week, 2.30ish, upstairs at Barmuda. Lots of knitting queers and a few other people. No pressure. :)

The Other Andrew said...

Oh cool! I'll try and make it. I might even see if my friend Judy (sock knitting demon extraordinaire) wants to come along.

Just don't let your head explode if you see me fumbling along... :)

M-H said...

Great! More, merrier, y'know. And another sock knitter is always welcome.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

I think I can see the shiny glow from the alfoil, TOA ;-)

The Other Andrew said...

M-H, it looks like Judy (sock knitter and blog reader of your blog) and I will be there. How are you going to do the stairs?...

Speedy, just a little bit of reflection. Some were stronger, but I liked this pic the best.