Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pretty In Pink

I don't know what sort of tree this is that is growing around the corner from my house, but it drops masses of small semi-hard fruit all over the footpaths and the cars parked nearby. They're not so hard that they don't squish underfoot, so the footpath ends up being covered in smushed ones too, but they are hard enough that when I was walking past the other day I heard a couple of them go *bonk* onto the roof of a car.


Every so often the council comes and sweeps them up, but between times it's like a footpath covered in pretty pink berries, like tiny pink Barbie apples. It's all a bit treacherous underfoot, but when they've just fallen and haven't yet been turned into mush it sure does look pretty.


Cozalcoatl said...

Liliypilly's I'm fairly sure. You can eat them but they are pretty bland.

The Other Andrew said...

Oh cool! It's a nice tree. Quite large, and of handsome aspect.

Mindy said...

sure looks like a lillypilly's berries.