Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blue Sky Banana

I'm a bit wiped today chickens. I had a late(ish) beer(ish) night with the boys(ish) last night, and today I'm a bit weary. Work is kicking my ass and frankly I kind of feel like kicking it right back.

When I'm short on inspiration for something to write, well that's when I'm tempted to fall back on the pretty for you all to look at.

Blue Sky Banana

I took this picture over the Easter weekend in my courtyard. My neighbours next door have a couple of banana palms that reach high over the fence to cast some much needed shade in my yard. See that beautiful blue sky? That's Autumn folks, because that's how we roll here in Paradise.


Ur-spo said...

When I feel fried, I like to focus on something simple and lovely, such as the object in your photo. very calming.
The sky is lovely - not like the nasty air here in Arizona.

The Other Andrew said...

Despite the fact that Sydney is a big city, and my neighbourhood is fairly close to the city, we still get big beautiful big blue skies thank goodness! They're certainly mood enhancing.

Anonymous said...

I was in Sydney over the new year and would give my first born to live there. AMAZING. I love reading your blog because it takes me back......Have a great weekend.