Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Who Are This Person?

I'm busy but bored. You know how that happens? It's late in the day, I have stuff to do but no motivation to start it. No gas in the tank. The mind wanders, roves far and wide about anything but work, as is its want.

So in the spirit of work avoidance I bring you something different. A quizz.

One actress played one character who used the following pseudonyms in one film:
  • Denise Manderley
  • Wanda Coleman
  • Gilda Dabney
  • Chloe LaMarr
  • Alma Chalmers
  • Alma Palmers
  • Vivian Purcell
  • Carmen Montenegro
  • Diane Gluckman
  • Mrs Danvers
  • Natasha Ublenskaya
  • Sophie DeVega
  • Mary Jones
  • Lady Edwina Morgan St. Paul
  • Norma Shearer
  • Barbara Stanwyck

Who played this character, and in what film?



Michael said...

a. I'm old
b. I watch just about everything
3. I'm gay (i.e. I adore her)

So of course I know it, darling.

The Other Andrew said...

And for the same three reasons I posted this entry. :)

I wouldn't exactly say you surprise me, but consider my own pipedreams confirmed.

I think "Lady Edwina Morgan St Paul" is my favourite. Maybe closely followed by "Natasha Ublenskaya". I should use that a pseudonym, non?

q60sgirl said...

I am not a gay boy ;) who is it?

The Other Andrew said...

Let's wait a little and see if anyone can guess.

yaniboy said...

Nup... this obviously much younger gay boy who watches lots of things and knows a lot of random movie triva stuff has NO clue...

yaniboy said...

Although now that I've googled it, I can say that I indeed adore her too... just from a whole other movie :)

q60sgirl said...

Goggled. She was gorgeous. I loved her stuff :)but didn't see her in that film.

The Other Andrew said...

You cheated. :)

I LOVE this film. Silly as all get out, but so many great moments. Yes it's Madeline Kahn in "The Cheap Detective".

M-H said...

Oooh, Madeline Kahn ::swoon:: "I'm so tired..."

The Other Andrew said...

M-H, I heart Madeline Kahn. She can just stand there on screen and I feel all nice inside. A different kind of 'nice' than you maybe, but still nice.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

oooh! I didn't pick her at all, and I always thought she was the best thing about Mel Brooks movies. I love that line she sings - "coming and going and going and coming... and never on time..." ;-)

she rocked.