Friday, April 13, 2007

Up Close & Personal

Mikey and I headed over to Gleebooks in Glebe last night to see Adam Sutton & Neil McMahon talk about Adam's biography "Say It Out Loud" (which I reviewed last weekend). You know what? Up close, this guy is adorable. Oh my. Not just handsome, but charming, friendly and sweet. Likewise, Neil McMahon came across as a nice guy, and the two are obviously great friends, but the night was really about Adam.

It was a really good talk, they covered the bare bones of Adam's story, and Adam really came alive when talking about the letters and other feedback that he's been receiving from people. Especially closetted gay rural people. It sounds like the ultra-conservative Farmers Federation is even in talks with Adam to make him a spokesperson to talk to young rural people about youth suicide prevention, issues of isolation and (of course) sexuality.

I got to meet them both, chat and shake their hands, and get a copy of the book signed. They were both extremely friendly, chatting with everyone for a while and asking them about themselves. Afterwards Mikey and I finished off the evening with yummy burrito grandes at Baja Cantina, just a few doors down from the bookshop on Glebe Point Road.

All up a fantastic evening and home early enough to see the first episode of "The Amazing Race: All Stars" on tv. Score.

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Michael Guy said...

Meeting an author does enrich the work, doesn't it?

I enjoy just buying a signed edition; I have an autographed Augusten Burroughs "Magical Thinking" which makes me very happy as I trace his scribbled autograph. It's a wee link to genius, I think.