Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Easter Plans

  • Chocolate. Well, it's like mandatory, right? I don't like to buck the system.
  • Knitting. I'm digging it. Off to buy some nice yarn and start a scarfe I think.
  • Socialising. Just so you don't think I've turned into some sort of bon bon eating shut-in grannie all of a sudden.
  • The having of the sex. If I'm lucky. Very lucky. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket, the odds are possibly greater.
  • Unpacking books. Volunteer work at the Buddhist centre. Possibly my least favourite item on the list so far.
  • Housework. Scratch that, I have a new least favourite item on the list.

And you?


M-H said...

Knitting. Sewing. Resting. Knitting. Reading. Resting. Knitting. Bit of teev, maybe.e

The Other Andrew said...

Healing. You forgot that one! :)

Ur-spo said...

don't forget to hop around a bit and wiggle your nose and tail.

q60sgirl said...

Hippity hop chocolate for the children, but quality not quantity.

Afternoon trips to the bay for family fish & chip dinners.

Kids sleepovers here.

Catch up with work friends @ a local club girls night. I am the designated driver :)its all good!

Morning running, for the birds ;)

Work in-between but i am loving it.

The Other Andrew said...
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The Other Andrew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Other Andrew said...

Sounds like a good list Q!

(I just tried to type that twice and made huge typos each time - brain to finger connection doesn't seem to be working today!)

q60sgirl said...

lol :) well you have a wonderful well earned rest Andrew.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

selling t-shirts, and teatowels, and calico bags, oh my.

firing the Sacrificial Bunny out of the ballista. and then getting Nw to read the entrails, as he always does, and they will fortell Victory, as they always do ;-)

getting home tired and cranky, and spending the next month getting dust out of everything and everywhere. The Dinghy will be the hardest, I imagine...

and then looking forward to doing it all again next year.

For Battle! :-)

James said...

I tried to respond to this post but I kept putting everything in the wrong order of preference!

The Other Andrew said...

Oh, who cares about order of preference? My priorities change every 5 minutes... :)