Monday, April 16, 2007

Klicketty Klack

One of the joys of blogging is connecting with people. Usually just through the written word, but sometimes Das Internetz is the catalyst, the facilitator, the shadchen that brings people together face-to-face. It's always great when you enjoy reading the words of someone, to finally meet them and realise that they are as likeable in person as they are on the screen.

On Saturday my friend Judy and I decided to go along to the Sydney Sity Klickers knitting group, which meets around the corner from my house every couple of weeks. The idea of going was sown by M-H, frequent commentor here and author of the Witty Knitter blog. It was really nice to meet everyone, and also to discover that M-H is as funny, friendly and encouraging of others as she appears to be in print. In fact, we were even discussing at one point how the personality of people who blog comes through in their writing, even if they try to create an artificial persona for some reason.

The talented and friendly bunch of the Sydney Sity Klickers. [Click the pic to see everyone more clearly.]

I was gobsmacked at the beautiful work people were doing, and it was lots of fun to drink tea, eat a really fantastic coconut and rasberry muffin, look at everyone's work, chat and even take a few snaps. If anything I wish I'd taken more photos, because everyone's work was stunning. Next time for sure.


Lara said...

It was lovely to meet you Andrew! Perhaps you'd also be interested in the Courthouse group? We meet every sunday from around 2pm in the beer garden at the Courthouse Hotel on Australia Street. You may even meet another Andrew ;)

The Other Andrew said...

Hey Lara, thanks for the comment! I'll definately stop by at the Courthouse. I can't make it this weekend, I have something on, but probably the weekend after.

Kerry said...

Good to meet you, Andrew, do come felt good to have another man in the group.

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks Kerry, it was nice to meet you too! Hopefully next time I'll get around to chatting with everyone. Time flew past pretty quickly, and before I knew it the cafe was closing.