Monday, April 23, 2007

One! This Is A Story Of One!

I spent a wonderful couple of hours yesterday at the 1st birthday party for The Dinghy, the little 'runabout' of regular TOA commentor, and my friend, World Peace & A Speedboat. There were friends, cupcakes, sunshine, and somewhere between a dozen or fifty small children (depending on how fast you can count moving objects). I cuddled babies, took lots of pics and ate more sugar than is logically feasible.

A perfect party.

1st Birthday Cupcakes!
Fabulous cupcakes made by the birthday boy's mum, my friend, and regular TOA commentor Speedy (aka 'World Peace & A Speedboat'). No two the same, and all delicious!

Birtday Cake! Anticipation.
Cake for everyone! (left) and the anticipation (right). You could have almost heard a pin drop. Almost.

Given Wings To Soar I Had To Fight A Dozen Small Children For This.
The birthday boy is given wings to soar (left) and I had to fight a dozen small children for this (right). Yum.

Full Of Beans Madonna & Son
Kiddie crack (left) and madonna & son, Adrienne and Oliver (right).

[Click on any of the pics to see them bigger, or view the set.]


nash said...

Those cakes almost look too good to eat. Pity we don't have scratch n smell on the net

The Other Andrew said...

They were DAMN FINE let me tell you.

You could always lick the screen... Like I do when I'm looking at picture of Justin Theroux.

Michael Guy said...

Why do cupcakes always look tastier in Australia? Can someone answer that for me?

The Other Andrew said...

I think it's the strong light, not to mention the mad photo skillz.

Michael Guy said...

It must be. Because I could totally mow through that entire plate of cupcakes. With a side of fairy bread. I'm just saying. Yep.

The Other Andrew said...

I hear you. Then stand back for the teary sugar crash.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

beautiful beautiful photies, TOA, I'm so glad you came and glad it was fun! :-)

must make cakes again because I didn't get one... and I really wanted one of the jelly-crystal encrusted ones.

The Other Andrew said...

That sucks that you didn't get one! I would have snatched another from some distracted child's hands if I'd known... of course I kid. They were great, and it was a lovely afternoon! Thanks.