Thursday, April 19, 2007

Boos & Yays

Seriously, too much seriousness today?

I haven't done a boos and yays for what seems like ages, so here goes.

  • Fit young men in cammo cargo shorts who decide, on looking at themselves in the mirror this morning, "Yes, today is a day for a tight singlet and no underwear." (YAY!)
  • Small children (and their keepers) who a) possess a constant nasal drip, b) cannot grasp the meaning of "tissues" and c) do that gross sniffle/snort thing all the way through my morning commute. Seriously, it was enough to put me off my remedial level Sudoku. (BOO!)
  • Banana Bread, source of much deliciousness (YAY!) and calories (BOO!).
  • Leaving the coffee maker on all night in the office (BOO! Oops.) and the office not burning down (MIXED EMOTIONS).


Michael said...

A new wrinkle to Boos & Yays! Who knew? Enjoyable.

Cargo shorts. I'm always torn. No, no, of course I love them on the guy you described, but on me it adds bulk to my already bulky thighs.

The Other Andrew said...

That bulk is MUSCLE though, right? Mr Runny McRunnerton.

Michael said...

Kinda, underneath, but it's also wear I carry all 8% of my body fat, ass and thighs.

(MIXED EMOTIONS) is still making me smile.

Michael said...

wear = where

I was thinking that's where I wear it, maybe?

Have I told you I've a date tomorrow. Oops, sorry, forgot to have you sit first. It's been a long dry spell, my friend. I should be stretching or something?

The Other Andrew said...

8%? You know I love you, right? But - FUCK YOU.



The Other Andrew said...

A date? GET! OUT!

Go grrrrrl. Have fun. Don't over think it. Oh yeash, you might want to attempt a small stretch, at least.

Michael said...

I kid about 8%. It's at least 10.

I know, a date! Me! He's a bit older, wiser....kinda dry...doesn't get my pop culture references....buckets of money.

The Other Andrew said...

Well, I personally find the lack of pop culture knowledge a HUGE CONCERN, I mean if you can't make a joke about Tom & Katie what have you got? Anyhoo, see compensatory wisdom and buckets of money I guess...

Michael said...

Yeah, I don't need you to have SEEN High School Musical, but you should at least know what it is.

Better if you've seen it, obviously.