Thursday, April 12, 2007

Oh! Suits You, Sir.

Still sticking with the dandyish flavour of the past couple of weeks, I give you my latest obsession - The Sartorialist. Street fashion photos from the streets of New York and Europe. The blogger (and photographer) Scott Schuman also writes a regular column in GQ magazine.

I like his 'eye'. Most of the men in particular have an eclectic style which fits my dandyfied tastes, and even the more traditionally clad guys have a real sartorial polish. Similarly, the women's wear featured is often colourful and eclectic as well. The emphasis for both genders is people who have put together a total 'look'.


Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

I've been a long time fan of The Sartorialist. I agree, he has a good eye. I also like the fact that he posts about reactions of his subjects to his scrutiny.
I remember there was one photo of a man who was on the chubby side of average who was embarrassed (but delighted) about being photographed. He shouldn't have been, he had a great, relaxed, Italian "La Dolce Vita" style about him.

JD said...

I thought you might be interested in the photos from Steve Waterfall ( They're pretty amazing.
I'll go back to lurking now. :D