Friday, September 23, 2005

Why Dost Thou Vex Me So?

Sorry for the paucity of posts in the past few days, I've been hella busy at work and then working until after 10pm each night at the Buddhist centre, getting ready for the conference this weekend. I'm tired.

Blogger has also been a bit craptastic this week, trashing a truly edifying post and sometimes locking me out of my comments, and the comments of other Blogger blogs.

Truly vexatious.

It's not all bad though. This morning I was buying my breakfast on the way into work (muesli with soy milk because I'm all about health) from Alex the hairy chested, dirty blonde cutie pie and the store was playing 'Kiss' by Prince at full volume. It put me in the mood from some dirty, dirty dancing and made me want to really, really kiss someone.


Bodhi said...

Paucity of Posts
A hex on your blog houses
Give me my sin again!


Stephen in Atlanta said...

Ya should have kissed me!! I think you're cute!!

Michael said...

I lost my post about the movies I'm anticipating with all its fucking concomitant links. Arghh! You know it's seriously frustrating when I bust out my pirate impression.

The Other Andrew said...

Stephen, get on a plane sweetie and pucker up! Thanks for the compliment.

Michael, yeah Blogger was quite recalcitrant last week, I had trouble getting on to your blog a few times and lost a couple of comments. Bah. Seems to have settled down now though, thankfully!