Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The 23 5 Meme

My favourite internet crush posted this post, which was based on this meme post by Aussie cutie-pie Sunshine. Still with me? (Want me to draw you a family tree, 'cause it sure gets incestuous 'round these parts?) OK, the stizz is that you go back to your 23rd post and copy in the 5th line of that post.

Michael's result was very amusing, and just a wee bit raunchy. Mine, err, not so much:
"Tonight I'm off to see "The Prisoner of Azkaban".

Doesn't that just leap off the screen, zinging with personality?! Yet you still come back here...


Sunshine said...

That's my favourite HP book ... probably. :P

The Other Andrew said...

I enjoyed the film too. I was not so impressed with the most recent book though. It picked up in the last quarter, but gee it was hard going. Boring! (sorry)