Friday, September 23, 2005

Mrs Bowers For President

Deb, over at one of my favourite haunts Freakgirl, linked to the hysterical The Homosexual Agenda Revealed! by Mrs Betty Bowers, 'America's Best Christian'. Now I'm as excited as if someone just told me tomorrow is Christmas.

Mrs Bowers is cracking me up, case in point her Free Katie post. Oh, and I want one of her "Scientology: Providing gay actors with wives since 1978" t-shirts so bad.


Michael said...

I can't believe someone leaked our agenda! I read that hilarity after freakgirl linked, but never noticed all the cool swag on that site.
I'm torn between two t-shirts (and feelin' like a fool): either "UNSAVED TRASH" or "Yes Jimmy, Jesus does watch you when you masturbate". It's a toss off. Oh, I mean toss up.

The Other Andrew said...

I love the swag! The 'Unsaved Trash' is a good one.

Years ago an ex boyfriend of mine bought me back a t-shirt from Hawaii that read 'If You See Trash, Pick It Up". I loved that t-shirt and wore it until it fell apart.