Thursday, September 29, 2005


Further to my last post regarding public displays of affection, I should add that applications for the position of Object Of My Affection are now open.

Applicants should possess the following minimum characteristics:
  1. Sense of humour.
  2. A dislike of Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider movies (this is not negotiable).
  3. Kissability. Hugability. Shagability.
  4. Pretty eyes. Wicked mouth.
  5. A good balance of Yin & Yang, although not necessarily at the same time.

Other desireable characteristcs include (but are not limited to) the ability to hold my interest in a conversation about art/books/films, wicked dancefloor moves, a collection that includes the back issues I've missed of Martha Stewart 'Living' and strong hands.


Sunshine said...

Man, that's one tough application!!!! :P

duane said...

Add Ben Stiller movies to number 2, for me. Bleck!

and number 3 is paramount!!!!

Michael said...

RE: #2
I've never even SEEN any of their movies.

RE: #4

I must confess I've never read MSL. I've seen the daytime show, though. I'm fascinated by her new stilted casualness. You almost believe she doesn't feel superior to the rest of us. Almost. It's better that way.

The Other Andrew said...

Stupid Blogger comments 'Down for Maintenance'...

Sunshine, what you think I'm easy or something? :-)

Duane, Word. Although I love "Mystery Men".

Michael, I used to buy every issue of MSL, but the quality has declined over the past year or two. Especially while Martha was in the Big House. Now I only buy it if there is something interesting enough. Hopefully it'll turn around now she's out of the slammer. It still shits me that all the recipes are only in Imperial, I wrote them once on email and asked for them to inlcude Metric equivalents in future, and they were like 'We'll look into it' - in other words, nope.

Sunshine said...

LOL - there is a chasm between easy and tough!!!! :) You just happen to be a hard marker! :P

Stephen said...

Where can I sign up? You're just too good looking!!

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks Stephen! That's very sweet. That must be a flattering photo...

(Of course it is, otherwise I wouldn't have used it. )