Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Flying Too Close To The Sun

I am so deeply in love with this Icarus light by Tord Boontje, that I can scarcely contain myself. It makes me want to claw at myself with pleasure. I love that someone has made something so beautiful, even if I never own it I love knowing that it exists.


Speaking of beauty and grace, or more accurately the flip side of which, I have kept silence on the events in the US until now. Partly because I don't feel informed enough to add anything meaningful to the discussion.

I feel kind of flippant, shallow and callous posting entries about how much I love this lamp, when nightly I'm seeing the horrifying images coming out of New Orleans and Mississippi. I sit and watch it with a lump in my chest, a tightness, that I just can't go too near to for fear that everything will just unravel. Does that make sense? We are so far away from it down here in Oz, but I've been watching it on the news, transfixed and on the verge of tears, until I have to get up and leave the room or change channels. Nightly this tight ball of pain under my sternum seems to be growing more tightly wound, larger, more painful.

All I can do is hope for the best resolution possible, as quickly as possible, and that the US people fire that idiot who's asleep at the wheel.


Michael said...

I've felt the same way, Andrew, about posting the only way I know how (i.e. with inanity). I'm watching coverage of the disaster all the time. We are talking about it all the time at work. The only thing I can do is send money and feel bad about not doing more (like housing refugees). As for our government's response, I'm not holding my breath that scrutiny will lead to anything.
PS They've known since the N.O. levees were built that they could not withstand a Category 4 or 5 hurricane. It's been discussed for more than twenty years. Federal money budgeted to address the issue was cut. Imperialistic war entered under false pretense is hella expensive.

Michael said...

Also, the lamp is gorgeous. If you buy it, consider picking up a marabou robe and gold mules to go with.

The Other Andrew said...

Not to mention getting myself a HUGE box of bon-bons...

The Katrina news is just so horrendous, and such evidence that The Dub and his administration were fiddling as Rome burned. His current rhetoric and scrabbling to cover his butt is positively embarrassing. His comments about bringing 'a storm of compassion' down on New Orleans were offensive, especially in light of them being too little too late.