Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pretty Pictures

Time for a little round up of some new photoblogs I've discovered, and one old friend I've rediscovered:
  • Sidney Snoeck is a Belgian engineer living in the Philippines, who posts lots of pictures of life in Manila at his blog My SariSari Store. I find his huge collection of shots of people sleeping amusing, and oddly unsettling. [Site is very picture intensive and can be slow to load.]
  • Miles is from Toronto, Canada and his photoblog may be called Mute, but his pictures speak for themselves.
  • Robert hails from North Carolina in the US and posts great pics on his (curiously named) blog Border Trench Safaris.
  • Zishaan is one of my favourite Indian photobloggers, and his site Point & Shoot is an inspiration. I'm glad to see he's back posting after a bit of a mid-year hiatus.


Sidney said...


I am happy you like my pictures!
Thank you for giving attention to my site in your blog !

The Other Andrew said...

You're welcome Sidney. I was pleased to find your blog, especially because I really enjoy photoblogs that show places I haven't visited, but would like to.