Monday, September 19, 2005

All In All You're Just Another Brick In The Wall

While we were strolling through the shops on Sunday the topic of the allure of Lego came up. I only ever had a modest collection, but my inner 12 year old finds the Lego digital designer very appealing. It's a downloadable program that lets you design virtual Lego models, upload them to your own gallery and even enter them into competitions.

Have a look at the bios of the past competition winners, a heap of 10 - 12 year olds with the occasional 30 year old industrial designer thrown in.


Bodhi said...

TOA already knows this, as would those (probably) few of you who paid attention through my entire 100 Things as I previously commented here; but I actually worked for Lego at their head office here in Sydney from 1989 to 1996.

As a kid, I had a huge collection of Lego, so it bemused my family no end when I first took the job. I actually worked for a department that sold educational lego kits made specifically for students of all ages. From simple large DUPLO kits for Pre-School, to various LEGO for Primary School, and right up to computer-controlled TECHNIC for Secondary and even Tertiary use.

It was such a cool company to work for. The Receptionist's desk in our buildings foyer was actually made from Lego! The offices in Lane Cover also had awesome views over the Lane Cove River and surrounding National Park. But the best and most awesome perk was the fact that I could buy Lego at heavily reduced prices. Suffice to say, I was the favourite uncle for a few years there at least to my nieces and nephews. And my own daughter would have had close to $10,000 worth (at full Retail prices) by the time I left.

It was a serious job though people. Well, OK, occasionaly we did get to play ...

Larry said...

OK, I didn't click the link yet. But I'm going to.

When I worked at the Loft I went through a bit of a toy rennaisance. Among the things I spent way too much money on were legos. That's right. At the tender age of 25 or so I bought three giant totes worth of legos. I still have them in my bedroom (no dirty thoughts Andrew!)

Bodhi said...

Cool, Larry.

Soooo, can I come up to your room and play? ;-)

The Other Andrew said...

Me, think dirty thoughts?... Ok, it's a fair call.

This site played right into the 12 year old nerd in me too, as I think I mentioned. I just love the idea od playing with the design digitally. I haven't downloaded the software yet, but I plan to.