Saturday, September 03, 2005


This week's Photo Friday theme is Order.

Darling Harbour park, Sydney. January, 2005.

I took this picture last Summer when I was down at Darling Harbour working as a volunteer at a Buddhist festival. These kids were having so much fun and had made up a game where they were racing backwards and forwards across this fountain, always in order. They were going so fast and some of the stones were quite wet, so my heart was in my mouth a few times, but nobody fell and I'm sure the risk just added to their excitement.


Bodhi said...

I know just about all of the fountains in Darling Harbour very well. Like many of the water features there, in summer its very common to see children playing in them. It adds a great interactice charm to the landscape. Suffice to say The Kid and Rabbit have raced across these steps too. Allededly, I may have, at times, supposedly engaged in just a few water fountain antics myself. But they are just unsubstantiated rumours, you understand.

My favourite though is the wall of water type fountain between the Chinese Gardens and The Entertainment Centre. A quite long single rod drops a curtain of water from above at random, and to make it even more interesting this curtain sweeps back and forth in random pattern as well. On a hot day kids just love to jump from side to side, squealing with delight when they are caught out and the water hits them. Its a favourite of The Kid and Rabbit too. Last time they "played", they both got soooo drenched they literally squealched away in saturated clothes and shoes leaving a trail of dripping water in their wake. Other kids and especially adults were most bemused by their antics. In between giving in to laughter I just smiled sweetly and offered a "I can't take them anywhere" as an explanation to the by then audience. Thankfully it was a very hot day and they dried off reasonably quickly. Mind you, when it comes to that whole dripping wet-look complete with clinging t-shirt, Da Bunny does "make this look good".

Anyhoo, as usual, another great photo Andrew!

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

The Other Andrew said...

Cheers my friend, thanks for the compliment. I think that all the interactive water stuff at Darling Harbour is amongst some of the best features of the place. So much fun on a hot Summer's day!