Monday, September 19, 2005

Another Weekend Recap

Monday morning just wouldn't be a Monday morning without a weekend recap:
  • Saturday I spent on a meditation retreat at the Buddhist centre I attend. My mind was leaping about all over the place for much of the retreat, the so-called 'monkey mind', so it was a bit more like a session of mediation between a group of chattering monkeys that meditation... but that happens every now and then. Watching your own mind chatter is in itself a meditation, so long as you just observe and guide your focus gently back to where it should be, and resist getting frustrated.
  • The rest of Saturday late afternoon and early evening I spent ticketing all the stock that has arrived for the bookshop I am running at next weekend's conference. We're up to around 600 attendees for the conference, so I have had to keep increasing my orders and trying to get enough stock for the event.
  • Sunday turned out to be a beautiful sunny day, after the cool drizzle of Saturday. If you've read this blog for a while, you might have noticed a nice chap who goes by the name 'Mesquirt' commenting on some of my posts. Martin has a blog of his own, which unfortunately is sadly a bit neglected of late as he has been on tour as part of his role as a dancer with the Queensland Ballet. Martin and his lovely girlfriend Lisa were in Sydney this weekend as part of their tour, so late morning I met up with them and my good friend Bodhi to spend the day sightseeing and shopping around Sydney. It was a lovely way to spend the day, and Martin and Lisa were just as warm and friendly in person as I had expected them to be.
  • Sunday night was the standard night of Sunday evening tv; channel surfing between Australian Idol and Broadway: The American Musical, and then afterwards I watched the new made-for-tv drama Little Oberon. [There is a review here.] I quite enjoyed it, although my interest lagged a bit through the middle, but it was a good attempt at doing something a little different from the usual Aussie dramas. The very handsome Alexander Capelli [sorry, I couldn't really find any decent links to speak of] was extremely attractive in the role of Gresham/Pan.

Now it's Monday, and while it's not a Boomtown Rats kind of Monday I'd still much rather have another day of weekend.


Bodhi said...

I first same across Martin some time ago when he kindly sent me an email introducing himself. As it turns out, his brother back in the UK is a good friend of a blogger buddy of mine called Spencer Steel [Spence's blog address is on my webpage], and he saw my name often pop up in comments on his blog. Being newish arrivals to Australia's shores, although he is based in Brisbane and I am in Sydney, he nonetheless decided to drop me an email. We have subsequently in a short period of time become good email friends and have frequently corresponded though never actually met.

So it was truly wonderful and delighful to catch up with both Martin, and the ever lovely Lisa, over this weekend. I shared dinner with them on Thursday night, The Kid and I went to see Martin perform in the Queensland Ballets performance of The Little Mermaid on Saturday night( and might I add that no one, and I mean noooo one can do an artistic dance interpretation of a Sea Slug quite like our Marty), and then spent said day with them and our beloved TOA on Sunday.

I look forward to catching up with you both again as soon as possible, and emails will await you on your return after the current Tour. And I will keep the pillows fluffed in my spare room ever-ready for a Sydney Holiday escape [and Martin - you might even get a chocolate on your pillow to greet you each night]

Of course, as fellows followers of TOA would know, I also met Andrew earlier this year by dropping him an email after coming across his blog. Gay, and a Buddhist, and a local - it was a given people! Now of course, he too has rapidly gone from cyber-buddy to real life good friend.

So you see, evidently the cyber-world is not all about weird freaks hiding from reality behind closed doors, taping away on keyboards. Evidently, sometimes the freaks do come outside to the light of day (or the throb of music and laser lights ... whatever), and actually meet each other. And become real friends.

Cool, huh?

The Other Andrew said...

What? We're not weird freaks?!...


If I use the internet to hide from anything, it WORK. (The Internet is the Freecell of the new millenium.) I've connected with heaps of people over the net that I never would have had the joy of knowing otherwise. For me, blogs really came alive when comments were introduced, it added in a whole new level of 'connection' with people that really makes it come alive for me.

I'm glad you sent me that email Bodhi! XX

Bodhi said...

XX Air Kisses back, sweetie darling sweetie. So am I :-)

By the way, is anyone else ever sometimes amused by the word verification? This time around I got "ebovay". E-bovay?

Sounds like a Jewish form of E-bay. "Oyyy, I bought it on E-bovay!". Made me giggle.