Friday, September 09, 2005

My Backyard

This post by Michael set me to thinking that it might be a nice idea if I posted a picture or two of my lil' courtyard garden.

Fountain & ficus in my courtyard. Newtown, Sydney, 2004.

This fountain is flanked on both sides by raised garden beds, with two standardised ficus trees on each side. Since this picture was taken last year (gee look, rain, I remember rain... vaguely) the ficus have grown to almost obscure the fountain. Somewhat Tuscan in feeling, no?

[Note to self: get trimming the ficus this weekend.]

This fountain has never run, my friends who own the house got as far as putting it in but never waterproofed it or bought a pump. I have a few plants in the bottom, but it's all a bit bare at the moment. The grand plan is to eventually fill it with (removeable) pots of decorative foliage plants like cordelines, or flowering gingers.

Violets, 2004.

These violets unfortunately were the victim of the horrible drought we are in here, and the water restrictions we are living with. I thought I had lost both pots after a surprise hot spell (and some inattention) but I have managed to save one. The other lives on in pictures only. RIP lil' buddy.


yaniboy said...

Interestingly, after watching The Color Purple (and the second disc of special features) the other day, I decided to look for all the purple that nature has a want to throw around the place... and then I see this...

The Other Andrew said...

As always, my timing is impeccable. :-)

So what's next:
'Three Colours Red' (white & blue)?
'I Am Curious Yellow'?...

I see a theme developing!

Sunshine said...

Very nice. Wish I can grow something nice but after victimising countless pot plants, I think they have blacklisted me at Bunnings.

The Other Andrew said...

No!!! Don't let him in!


I've killed a few things in my time too. A couple of friends are moving house and now only have two tiny balconies. So their enourmous dracina (sp?) and standard cumquat plants are coming to live with Uncle Andrew. I'm nervous, it's like being left with someone's children...

Bodhi said...

Now there's no reason you should be nervous over the life expectancy of ones botanical dependents Andrew. You should know by now that we have a suitable expert on hand should you ever need some friendly parental advice of the leaf-ed variety. I'm sure our mutual friend, and qualified whore-ticulturist, Rabbit would only be too happy to assist.

I keep telling him that he should get in on the act and try out for his own lifestyle show. Can't you just see him doing that? Like a cross between the cheeky banter and casual approach of the likes of Jamie Oliver, and the gardening knowledge of Don Burke. Voila, The Naked Gardener in born.

Hmmmmm. He would make that look GOOD

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

Bodhi said...

In the words of Rove, "What The!?"

Ummmmmm, maybe its like a mantra thing, and I just keep repeating my name. In the immortal words of Eddy from Ab Fab, "I'm chanting as we speak, sweetie".