Monday, September 26, 2005

5 Things I Used To Wear, When I Was A Young Homo Activist

  1. A pink triangle badge
  2. A t-shirt that read " so do my friends, so do my lovers, so do my idols"
  3. A badge that read "How dare you presume I'm a heterosexual"
  4. A t-shirt with a picture of two hot young sailors kissing, and the caption "Read my lips"
  5. An Act-Up SILENCE = DEATH style badge that read "HIGH = HIGH RISK"

As a person who understands the value of restraint, I usually only wore one of these at a time. Usually.


duane said...

You are/were a brave soul! I am still debating on a rainbow for my new car!

The Other Andrew said...

Take 2 parts brave, 1 part foolish and 2 parts angry, and mix. We are talking about the 80's here, and it felt like we were fighting for our lives. In hindsight I guess we were.

Rainbows just make everything prettier, don't you think? :-)

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

hee hee hee :)

Sunshine said...

I wish I'm brave enough to be so open. I do have a rainbow colour crystal thingy hanging down my rear view mirror in my car. But that's as open as I get at the moment.

duane said...

Rainbows definitely make everything prettier... which makes me think that this is the reason for all the haters: we got the rainbow, and they are jealous!

The Other Andrew said...

I hear you Duane. I'm passing a motion so that we get the unicorns too!