Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's Unusual About This Picture?

Exactly! White pumps and black tights! As if!!

[Pic via Vintage Photographs.]


Ray Ray said...

I'm a little hung up on the baggy diaper as ruins the silhouette, it's all wrong.

Michael Guy said...

But it's BEFORE LABOR DAY here. After Labor Day, ditch the white, dearies.

But I agree with RAY RAY, as well: maybe he's the 'pooping juggler?'

M-H said...

I wish you'd put that on a placard and walk around campus with it. Little denim skirt, black tights and white court shoes. Alternatively, little white cotton skirt, sometimes with lace on it, black tights and white court shoes. Those are just two of the clothing faux pas that I have to put up with every day. Where are the clothing police hen you need them?

Peter said...

That species of palm have fronds that are divided to the central portion, rather than a narrow band of tissue at the base of each lobe. I noticed that immediately. It took me ages to notice the shoe faux pas; thanks for drawing my attention to it.