Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday By The Numbers

  • Number of hours of sleep had Friday night - approx 2 less than normal
  • Number of loud parties held by my next door neighbours - 1!
  • Number of early morning coffees drunk - 1
  • Number of "Project Runway" Season 3 episodes watched on youtube - 4
  • Number of laundry loads completed - 1
  • Number of odd socks found after laundry completed - 1, dang
  • Number of underpants likewise found - 2, double dang
  • Number of strolls taken - 2 (there, and back again)
  • Number of dogs spoken to in the special voice reserved for dogs - 4
  • Number of knitting groups attended - 1 very enjoyable one
  • Number of cafe menu items ingested - 3 (2 beverages, 1 sandwich)
  • Number of lace scarf rows knitted - 32
  • Number of laughs had - innumerable!
  • Number of Saturdays enjoyed - 1


barrel_racer_82 said...

Love how you list it by the numbers!
However, I get the odd sock, but how do you have a odd pair of underpants? Aren't they a whole by themselves? :)

DV said...

I was also going to ask about the odd pants. Not as though they even have a matching bra to make a set.

The Other Andrew said...

For the record my pants don't travel in pairs, as I have only two legs! :)

But they were likewise found after the laundry!

Anonymous said...

The odd underpant only really makes sense once you reveal by implication that you walked to the laundromat and back to have your washing done. have you thought of saving up for a washing machine? A second-hand one would pay for itself within a year or so anyway.

Cecilia said...

I came here to ask about the odd underwear but 2 people beat me to it!

Campbell said...

I'm so with you on finding socks (especially just 1) and undies after the laundry - very annoying! I have a dilemma when I find them while the wash cycle is still on - after how much of the wash cycle can I throw them in? How many minutes of washing does a sock need? Is even just a rinse enough as a one off?
The great questions of life!