Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Popped Cherry

I finally took an important step in every modern knitter's journey. I just purchased some gorgeous yarn online, because I can. Not because I have a specific project that requires it, or even have a clear idea of what I might make from it, but because IT IS GORGEOUS AND IT MUST BE MINE. He, or she, who dies with the most yarn, wins.

Hand dyed superwash merino sock yarn, dyed by a wonderful Etsy seller (and www.ravelry.com buddy) called DharmaRN.

This one, Denim:

And this one, Myst:

Yummy, right? Even as we speak my money has been digitised just like Mike Teavee and is winging its way around the world to DharmaRN. Soon the yarn shall be mine, and that will be a very happy day indeed!

[All pics by DharmaRN.]


Cecilia said...

Ooh! Pretty! You do know this is a slippery slippery slope, right...?? :)

Does this mean you have embraced sock knitting?

The Other Andrew said...

I know of that slippery slope. I do indeed!

You know, I'm back in the swing of sock knitting I think. Now that I'm alsmost done on the second passionfruit sock (about 10 rows left!). With these two I have yarn for three more pairs, and I want to get some plain yarn to do the Vinnland socks... I see a stash coming on!

Cecilia said...

What is it that they say about sock yarn not being real stash...?

Looking forward to seeing the passionfruit socks. I'm willing to bet that wearing them will convert you to sock knitting. That was what did it for me, after years and years of successful resistance.

Grandfatherknits said...

Welcome to the dark side, your soul and wallet belong to us now.