Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Please Do It At Home

Lately I've been catching more buses than trains, and frankly some of my fellow passengers are starting to get on my nerves. Not, you know, do you know where I can purchase an affordable firearm getting on my nerves, but I'm going to cut you my #2 pissed off look type getting on my nerves. (Number #1 is only used for emergencies.)

Sydney buses are pretty cramped, with narrow seats and a fairly narrow aisle, and if we all played the game and did our bit, behaved like we were ok with sharing and didn't hate all humankind with a passion, then that would be ok. Not optimum, but ok.

Some kids were clearly away the day that Let's Share About Sharing! was on the curriculum, and then avoided grasping the concept as adults. People on a crowded bus who don't want to share that second seat with anyone are my current target. (And by target I mean, take any opportunity I can to call them on their game. Excuse me, I'm gonna sit there.)

They put their bag on the seat next to themselves. They sit on the inside aisle half of the seat and either a) glare in a way that says "oh, don't even" or b) gaze out the window as if they have miraculously not noticed there is only one empty seat left on the whole bus. "I'm not a bad person, I just haven't noticed".

I found these fabbo poster graphics from the Tokyo Metro. Please do it at home. (They're so polite the 'asshole' is implied.)

What do you think? I'm thinking maybe that they are mostly in Japanese might come across as weird, but the graphics and the English translations are pretty self explanatory, right? Oh, craft project! Pasted back to back and laminated like a flip card! Could make a fun gift/conversation starter with fellow passengers!

And if I restrain myself, the 'asshole' will be implied.


james said...

Perhaps it's middle age or maybe just arrogance, but I tell kids to lift their bags up when I see them doing it, and I've also told kids to stand up for older people. Occasionally, I've been told to fuck off, but I've always responded with just the same phrase which seems to work.

Riayn said...

I am sure people turn into selfish drones when they are on public transport.

I need to cane to walk now days and do you think any of those selfish morons will get off their asses and offer me a seat, especially the ones sitting in seats with the big sign that says, "Priority seating: please vacate for the disabled or less mobile passengers". Nope, not a one.

The Other Andrew said...

James, curmudgeons 'r' us.

Riayn, ugh. That's horrible! I still love Sydney with a passion, but there are times when I think the soul and decency have gone out of the place.