Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I know I only changed my banner recently, but what the with Olympics and all I felt it was time for a little Flavour of the Mystic East. The background is a detail of some Chinese lanterns I took a little while back, at Evan's birthday drinks to be precise.

The only real truth is that everything changes. Presto chango!


mrpeenee said...

As one bloggite to another, how do you change your banner? I just started out with the bland template blogger.com offered and have never been able to figure out how to do better.

The Other Andrew said...

Are you using the updated Blogger that has the layout page? Where you see the header and sidebar elements as boxes that have an Edit option? If so you go into Header and there is an option to either put an image behind the blog name and description, or replace it with an image. I use the replace option.

I hope that makes sense!

John C said...

I don't think Blogger's default header is that bad actually. I'm always recommending WordPress to people (they do a Blogger type service at WordPress.com as well as an install it yourself option) but their default header is really crappy, a big blue rectangle. Can't help but think that if WP looked better out of the box then more people would use it.

The Other Andrew said...

The later versions of Blogger are really user friendly, and they have put a lot of effort into making the templates easily customisable. The Layout page lets you add, subtract and edit page elements.

When I hear people bitch about Blogger it's usually because they were using the earlier versions, the recent ones are great imho. I used my basic knowledge of html to further tinker with it too.