Saturday, August 02, 2008

First Editions

Continuing my obsessions with graphics and design, I love this archive of magazine first issue covers at Premiere Issues. I buy a lot of magazines, although I have cut back on my addiction.

"Hi, my name is The Other Andrew and I am a recovering magazinephile. A permanent lover of the periodical."

I was especially pleased to see that the magazine egg made the list. It was a bit of a rarity here in Sydney in the early 90s and somewhat hard to find, but distinctive with its unusual square shape. I used to love this magazine! It had a real attitude and point of view to it, and I was so sad when it disappeared after a couple of years. I do regret throwing away the issues I had many years ago, so it was nice to see a little reminder of an old love.

The other thing I find interesting is the cluttered look of some of the later magazines. There are still some magazines that are aimed less at the mass market that present an uncluttered look these days, but newstands are a sea of screaming teaser lines and covers awash in competing text. Blech.

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