Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Craving: With The Lot

All the way home from work on the bus tonight I had a craving. A really, really strong craving. A craving for a good old fashioned Aussie style Hamburger With The Lot. The ones from the local takeaways of my youth.

There is something special about The Great Aussie Hamburger With The Lot. Elements that take it above and beyond fast food and into the realm of a complete meal (sometimes even with what could be described as an element of dessert thrown in). The great Aussie Hamburger With The Lot makes a Big Mac look like a Moderate Size Mac. The Whopper look like The Teensy.

Sure it has elements of the standard Hamburger:

Meat pattie.



Sliced tomato.

But from this point onwards is where it gets really interesting, and perhaps startling, for those who are not genetically (or philosophically) Australian, but seems perfectly normal and scrummy for those of us that are.

Fried egg.



I like to think of the above as the International Elements. I mean, bacon, cheese, it could be anywhere right? Even if you think the fried egg is a bit strange. But now we get into what I like to think of as the unique Aussie Cultural Elements:

Tinned beetroot. (Stains your buns pink. Trust me.)

And the piece of resistance, the crowning glory, the taste of the tropics and the element of dessert previously alluded to... the Pineapple Ring:

Mmmmmmmm hmmmmmm, mate.

(In case you were wondering, I had vegetarian nachos for dinner.)

[Updated: OMG, yes! As was pointed out in the comments, I forgot the fried onions! Essential.]


yani said...

In case you were wondring, I had vegetarian nachos for dinner.

I gotta say, this line just made the whole post for me... the orgy of hamburger elements was one thing, but the nachos just made me laugh out loud... :)

Victor said...

don't forget the tomato sauce...

Michael Guy said...

YOU had me at 'pineapple.' But a fried egg? On a hamburger? I need to try, I think.

mrpeenee said...

Oh, them whack Anitpodeans. I don't understand how all that fits simultaneously into a bun, let alone one's mouth.

Mel said...

On the matter of beets, you should have said it stains your buns twice.

Aside from the meat, it sounds lovely, though.

M-H said...

Yummo! Although, for me you can hold the beetroot and add fried onions. I lurve home-made hamburgers, and I haven't cooked them for a while. But the crisp fresh buns, the home-made pattie, with a touch of garlic... mmmmm.

spyder said...

Damn your eyes- I am now desperate for a burger that is so big I can't actually take a bite without the ass falling off it.
And where am I going to get said item in the city?
Again, damn your eyes!

thombeau said...

OMG, I can't leave you alone for one minute!

Grandfatherknits said...

Next time you do get to indulge in one of them monster burgers, just remember -


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

I think I'd better hie me to Norm's* up at the station... best I've had since the milk bar of my youff. great chips too!

* now run by Son of Norm

The Other Andrew said...

The whole point of these things is that it isn't a genuine HAMBURGER WITH THE LOT experience if a) half of it doesn't start sliding out with the first bite and b) you end up with a wide tomato sauce grin a la The Joker.

Mindy said...

And you must run out of bun before you run out of filling.

John C said...

Er, beetroot?! Aaarrghh! Don't know what it is about those things but I really don't like them. They remind me of school dinners, I think. *shudder*

Andy's Crafts said...

I enjoy Buffalo Burguers myself, I try to make it the best beef when I go for beef, organic if possible! Thanks for the great description you guys eat very different but great menu!

mr.kenneth said...

Meat Patti

a drag name just waiting to happen!