Saturday, August 09, 2008

Let's Here It For The Boy!

Ok, he certainly isn't a boy anymore, but who doesn't still look at Neil Patrick Harris and have at least one little Doogie Howser thought?

Although these pics from an upcoming issue of OUT magazine are thought provoking in an entirely different direction. Hello, yummers.

I haven't bought an issue of OUT for quite a while, but I may have to make sure I pick this one up. sigh So to speak.

In the meantime, the interview is here.


Michael said...

I know! I get more dizzy in love with him all the time, but when I saw these pics, I was all, "When did he get those pipes?" Someone's been working out!

The bit about NPH thinking Anderson Cooper is "dreamy" makes me smile.

jason said...

Being gay agrees with him.
He's been sexier and sexier ever since he came "out."

The Other Andrew said...

Michael, I'm sure Anderson would return the compliment!

Jason, I agree. He's also ageing very well!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

in a completely non-pervy way, he's really filled out and become a man, hasn't he? no more geeky boy! I never really watched Doogie, it gave me the irrits.

TOA, have you watched Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog?

go! go now!

knitguyla said...

I admit, he looks good but it's amazing what a photographer can do. Neil & I (you like that, how casually that's written) shared the same, favorite restaurant in L.A. Saw him there a bunch of times and in person, he's still kinda Doogie but a bit more buff. ;-)