Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Online fashion and lifestyle magazine fantasticsmag regularly dishes up the gorgeous. Wonderfully styled fashion shots, heavy doses of homoerotic underwear spreads (that'll have you shifting in your shorts) and incredibly lavish photography. I only started reading recently (hello, broadband!) and just spotted a gorgeous little fashion spread done as a video. The Visitor by Bell Soto. Filmed entirely in NYC, but I swear the locations look like Venice or Florence to me. Stunning!


Michael said...

I just checked out the exquisitely hirsute Reza in his undies. Goodness gracious.

The Other Andrew said...

I know, right?! SWEET BABY JESUS. I was going to post a pic of him, but didn't want to appear shallow. (Ha!) So I figured mentioning the underwears tangetially might be enough to send The Gays on over. Sure 'nuff!