Tuesday, August 26, 2008

5 Things About Tuesday, 26th of August: Teetering On The Edge Of Self Loathing Edition

  • I have that feeling like Spring is just around the corner. Today was mild, and sunny without a cloud in the sky, and just right for deciding to make the 45 minute plus walk home from work.
  • I did the walk yesterday too, although today was warmer and more pleasant.
  • Post Olympics tv! So what does Channel 9 dish up? One and a half hours of craptastic "Two And A Half Men". Are they serious?
  • Although, maybe I shouldn't judge. Right now I'm watching people fall off things on "Wipeout". (But it's the snarky commentary that makes it. Big dirty balls! Snerk.)
  • I think I might have lost all self respect. (It could be worse, I could have watched "Two And A Half Men")


Michael said...

Oh, dude, I LOVES Wipeout. I was just tweeting that the tv listing along cracks me up.

Wipeout. Butt Kicker and Donut Stack Swing.

And don't get me started on the Sweeper.

Totes agree we can still feel some shred of intellectual/cultural superiority by sniffing with disdain at "Two and a Half Men."

The Other Andrew said...

Exactly, right. I mean, could the hosts of Wipeout be any funnier/bitchier?! Queens do we think?

I heart sniffing with disdain. It's one of my favourite things.

M-H said...

But Kevin was on the ABC, with a couple of idiot self-builders. I was happy.

Tall & Handsome said...

Oh- keep losing that self-respect!!! ;-D