Monday, July 28, 2008

5 Things About Monday, 28th July: No Feeling In The Extremities And A Watery Grave Edition

  • I've been trying to think warm, tropical, desert island-y thoughts all day because it's so cold today. A short while ago it was supposedly 12C, but I just ventured out to buy some lunch and the wind was making it feel even colder. Brrrr! Like, really.
  • On the upside, a good excuse to wear my Japanese fingerless mitts that I knit earlier this year! (Sans cigar though.)
  • I should have knit them in black, you see we're in mourning here in my new office. Yup, on Friday there were 6 fish in the big fish tank in reception and today there are only 5. Cannibalism hasn't been completely ruled out. (Ewww.)
  • Can you believe that they haven't named them? As the receptionist just said, it's hard to get too emotionally attached to fish. RIP nameless one.
  • Here's a thought, what do Catholic fish eat on Fridays?


M-H said...

In fact its now 8.9C at Observatory Hill. Even I'm cold!

Tom said...

Seeing as cannibalism hasn't been ruled out I would suggest that they eat eachother on Fridays. :)

The Other Andrew said...

M-H, even you! :)

Tom, that's what I was thinking... yucky!

james said...

I choose NOT to comment on the weather at the moment :)

Michael said...

Well, if they're Catholic fish they can always eat their shame. Plenty of that to go around.

mrpeenee said...

I awlays agree with receptionist because they know what's going on and they're insane. Also, though, it's hard to get emotionally involved with a receptionist, but I wouldn't tell her that.

The Other Andrew said...

Michael, you made me LOL. In a good way!

Peener, this receptionist is a bit insane, also in a good way. Oh, and has the trashiest mouth I've ever heard on a pretty girl so young. She's a hoot!

Mindy said...

I think you and the receptionist should name the fish (secretly) after people in the office.

Therin of Andor said...

I had a large fish tank in my old school library. The principal bought it, on a whim, from a casual relief janitor - and it functioned quite adequately for about a year. We eventually lost the last of our first batch of fish, so I cleaned it out one Friday and had the new water circulating all weekend, ready to buy more fish.

Of course, when we came in on the Monday morning the tank was bone dry: the water had leaked through a faulty seam (weakened during my strenuous cleaning?), and saturated the carpet! We had a special event occurring in the library later in the week and we had to hire special air blowers to dry out the carpet in time. What a mess!

My point? (I did have one.) Oh yeah! One six-week holiday, I put in a four-week food block to keep the fish happy for the time we'd be away from school. Someone said, "But what happens when the fish get hungry in the fifth week?"

I joked that "Of course, Survival of the Fittest" would be played out - and boy, did I feel bad when one poor goggle-eyed black moor got skeletonised.