Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Ring Master

I've always had a bit of a crush on out gay actor (and jug-eared cutie pie) Russell Tovey.

He seems to be one of those jobbing young actors that crops up in a variety of things, from the movie The History Boys to a small but important role in the Dr Who "Titanic" Christmas special (along with Kylie, of course). Hello Sailor!

So I was pleased to find this clip from the BBC comedy show Annually Retentive, about a low rent tv panel show in which UK comedian Rob Brydon plays himself. In this clip Russell Tovey's character is trying to explain some of the gay lingo to a somewhat confused Brydon.


Mel said...

Love that clip. Have you seen Brydon in "A Cock & Bull Story"? If not, I highly recommend. My favorite line in the whole movie? "Meat curtains."

yani said...

Yeah, I was crushing on him in the Doctor Who episode too... maybe it's something about those ears being easy to hold handles ;)

The Other Andrew said...

Mel, I love that film! Comic genius. I must try and get it on dvd one of these days. Thanks for the reminder!

(BTW - how is being and old married lady treating you? Fab, I suspect.)

Yani, the term "Volkswagon with the doors open" ring any bells?