Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Good One

This weekend was a corker, one of those you could label in 48pt bold A Good One. (What the hell, maybe even with a drop shadow.) Not filled with dramatic adventures, but a nice, solid collection for good times.

Last night my friend Stephen was in Sydney from Townsville, and after he arrived on a late evening flight we went out for a drink, then a coffee, some cake and a catch-up. Since leaving Sydney about 4 years ago we catch up about 3 times a year or so, so having him visit is always a treat. He's making some changes in his situation, for the better in my opinion, and while I'd like him to come back to Sydney I'm happy that things are looking up for him.

This morning the sun was shining brightly, and even though it was cool it was so nice to see its sunny face after nearly a solid week of rain. I headed into the Art Gallery again to meet up with Mikey (the lovely ex) and Evan to see the "Taisho Chic" exhibition that we passed on last Wednesday. The exhibition was lovely, not huge but a wonderful collection of paintings, screens, kimonos and decorative objects. Evan and I briefly canvassed the concept of breaking into one of the showcases so I could acquire the aluminium Art Deco condiment set that frankly should be mine.

After wandering the exhibition for a while (and an obligatory visit to the fabulous gallery gift shop - By the way did you know you can buy Pantone colour pencils in, as the name would imply, Pantone colours? I'm not sure why, but So Awesome. Want. Nay, need.) we decided to head off to Yum Cha at Sky Phoenix. Which was frankly nummy. Oh, and on the way to the restaurant Evan almost bought a chartreuse coloured velvet jacket. Truly.

After lunch I dashed home to grab my knitting and head off to The Courthouse Hotel for our regular Sunday afternoon pub knitting session. The past few weekends we've had some new people come along, which has been really nice. Today we had something like 11 or 12 of us, and last week even more! So much fun to sit with a big group of like minded people, share ideas and inspirations, and just chat and have fun. All the while whilst wrangling two pointed sticks.

At this point I have to add a dark note (just like the massive storm that rolled in late afternoon). Technology continues to vex me. I took some fab photos this weekend, but suddenly my camera had decided it doesn't want to export its precious contents. Technology hates me. Right now I kind of hate it back a bit too.

So there you have it. Now I'm plonked on the sofa with the laptop and lap rug, the heater is on and it's pouring down outside again. Not a bad ending to a weekend I decided to label as A Good One.

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