Saturday, July 12, 2008

Accident Prone

I'm not much of a klutz. I don't tend to drop things, fall over, or do my self any major or minor degrees of accidental self harm. Normally. In the past couple of days I have:
  • Scraped the skin off a knuckle, thanks to a stucco wall
  • Burned my hand taking soemthing out of the oven (baked gnocci if you are interested, and my God it was good)
  • Almost set fire to the kitchen, because FYI even though they don't mention it in the instruction manual make sure you turn on the gas burner that doesn't have a teatowel draped over it (it was fine, but there was a nanosecond where I saw all my shelter options going up in smoke, and boy there was swearing)

So what is this? I've turned over some sort of new leaf, but not for the better?

I know posting has been sporadic here of late (Sugar Daddy, if you're out there, make mine a MacBook please), but really if you don't hear from me for a few days get someone to come around and check on me please. The way things are going I might be trapped under a toppled bookcase and a mountain of really quite good books, or somehow have wedged my head into the bannister.


mrpeenee said...

Your head jammed in the bannister and the mailman's belt lying a suspiciously few feet away, maybe.

The Other Andrew said...

Maybe I should jam HIS head into the bannister!...

See, you're an ideas man Peenee!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

sure you're not suffering from PMS? I had never worked out the link between unexplained clumsiness and PMS until one of our friends told me the correlation between slamming yourself into door frames for no good reason and one's monthly cycle ;-)