Saturday, July 26, 2008

Retail Therapy

I set out this afternoon for a little shopping expedition, with one goal in mind - a new pair of leather shoes for work. (The rain of the past week has a) taken it's toll on my 2 pairs of black leather shoes and b) pointed out some of their shortcomings in the moisture deterrant area.)

Three hours later I'm home, will the following:
  • a pair of slippers
  • some super cute black & white check canvas slip-on shoes, just like The Young People wear (half price at Target!)
  • a funky long pencil case all made out of zips from Smiggle, just perfect for knitting needles
  • a multi pocket zip up comendium thingy from the same place
  • a white v neck tee
  • some kitchen storage containers
  • 2 balls of knitting yarn (Cleckheaton Country Naturals 8 ply, for the curious)
  • 3 pairs of black socks made from bamboo fibre (so soft!)
  • a leather bound notebook and leather pencil case from Kikki K, a present for my sister for her birthday next weekend
  • a card, and wrapping paper

Err, notice anything missing? *sigh* Well, my intentions were good...


yani said...

Whoopsy... did you forget to look for them, or just not find anything you liked?

I have this thing about wearing "non standard" shoes to work... my current work shoes are actually black Redback tradie boots, they look pretty good actually, and you can throw them on with jeans when you're feeling butch ;)

Also, I hate you because you shopped at Sniggle... :P

The Other Andrew said...

I couldn't find anything I liked, after a desultory look. My heart wasn't in it...

Why that hate re: Smiggle? Enyvy? :)

Michael said...

Love the bamboo fabrics they're making. I have underpants, and they almost render a boyfriend unnecessary.

The Other Andrew said...

LOL, but they don't take out the garbage, right?

They make bamboo knitting yarn too, and it's likewise gloriously soft.

jason said...

That zipper pencil case sounds so cool!!

How can a pair of dress shoes compete for anyone's attention with that sort of thing around?

The Other Andrew said...


James said...

Well clearly you've got the gay shopping gene... Ian has learned to just not ask when I come home with shopping bags in hand!