Thursday, July 24, 2008

Akira, Fashionistas and Art On A Plate

Last night Mikey (the lovely ex), his boyfriend Evan, and I went to a free lecture as part of the Wednesday night "Art After Hours" series at the Art Gallery of NSW. To coincide with the "Taisho Chic: Japan in the 20s & 30s" exhibition, the gallery had organised a half hour free talk with Japanese/Australian fashion designer Akira Isogawa, in interview with local radio journalist Deb Cameron.

Akira & Deb

Man, it was packed. Wall to wall fashionistas. So much black in one gallery! (Is that a redundant comment?) I was there early and managed to score three seats for us, but by a half hour before the talk it was strictly standing room only. Shoulder pad to shoulder pad.

Isogawa Fashions


The interview was good, but not great. As interesting as he is, Akira does drift off the topic quite easily and Deb Cameron didn't really succeed in keeping him on track. That's a small criticism though, because really it was a very interesting talk and I have always found Akira interesting and charming.

Akira Meets The Fans

It was so crowded that we decided to tour the "Taisho Chic" exhibition this weekend instead, and so headed out into the freezing cold to grab some dinner. Staying thematically consistent we decided on Rise, one of Sydney's best Japanese fusion restaurants. They do a very affordable degustation menu mid week, and the food was exquisite. Plate after beautifully presented plate of gorgeous nibbly bits, like little tasty sculptures.

It was great to spend time with the boys, share a lovely meal and some good wine, and just catch up with them. Evan complimented me on how healthy I am looking these days, which was really sweet and just the encouragement I needed. I mean, I know that fixing my sleep situation has made a huge difference to how I feel, but it's nice to have it reinforced and to know that the change I feel is visible.

It wasn't a real late night, by 9.30 we had had dinner and were ready to brave the cold and rain again. The combo of the talk and the dinner, and the good company, was a lovely midweek treat.


Michael said...

That's more fun than I have in a WEEK.

The Other Andrew said...

Awww, sucks to be you!

(Kidding! Really? Even with the camcorder and the hot bikers?)

mrpeenee said...

A very eccentric museum here had an exhibit of Art Deco in Japan and it was wonderful, the tchotke more so than the art.

Also, I haven't said anything about your occasional reports of getting your sleep under control, mostly because I felt like that might jinx it, but congrats on the snoozums.

Cecilia said...

Sounds like a really fun evening. That dress is gorgeous!

The Other Andrew said...

Peener, I haven't gone into the exhibition yet, but it's full of art deco inspired Japanese art apparently. Thanks for the comments on my sleep, it's been a life changing difference!

Cecilia, it was a fun evening! You're right, the dress was gorgeous. I'm not certain about the boa however... :)

james said...

Damn damn damn, you made me think about work. Deb looks like she enjoyed the experience.

The Other Andrew said...

Sorry James! BTW, there was like 30 seats reserved for ABC702 (contest winners, apparently) and I said to Mikey and Evan "Shit, I wish James was here, we could have gotten better seats!!" :)

Oh, and it looks like I'm going to be interviewed for ABC radio south east for a segment about men who knit. We just have to tee up the time and date this week. Fun!