Sunday, July 20, 2008

Improved Connectivity

I joined the ranks of the 21st century this morning and upgraded my internet connection to broadband. OMG late adopter, right? Well I had such a poor cranky old pc at home, that it didn't really seem worth spending the extra on an internet connection that my pc wasn't even going to be able to keep pace with.

Thanks to the incredible kindness and generousity of a friend, I have a long term loan of a laptop until I can afford to buy my own. This baby cracks along and leaves my old pc still tying its shoe laces and not even on the starting blocks, so it was time to make the switch. A while ago my isp even sent me a free modem to encourage me to desert the likes of dial-up. So with modem and laptop in hand I rang up this morning and made the switch.

The only downside, I have to wait 10-15 days for the change to be processed and my account to be switched. Bugger. Oh well, I mean I'm years behind the pace so I guess I can wait another week or so...


M-H said...

Shame about the wait... but think of the sizzling posts you will be able to make when it takes effect. ::insert that ptchoooo sound::

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks!!! It's the start of a new love affair.