Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Who You Calling A Pig?

Musical flashback time! Here's a little favourite of mine from the late 80s, Aussie band Big Pig with "Breakaway".

Big on percussion, and big on aprons, but I'm still not sure where the 'pig' bit comes in...


Michael said...

Was this an international hit? I kinda remember it.

God, 80s videos are fantastic.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

ahhhhh weren't Big Pig great? so 80's but I loved the energy. and those aprons, great gimmick ;-)

and as for earworms (from that previous post) I would have to suggest Mikey's Patented Method of humming 'It Is Only For Sheep' by The Bureau.... yeah!

Stephen said...

I have Bonk on my iPod! I probably still have that cassette. I still LOVE them.

Thinking about it now, between the percussion, the aprons, and the idea of their performance (since I never got to see them), they were a big homo-erotic influence on my 15 year-old self!

The Other Andrew said...

Michael, I think it was an hit overseas as well! Stephen has it on his ipod, and he's pretty clued into the zeitgeist.

Speedy, agreed! Oh, and I don't need anymore earworms. La La La.

Stephen, glad you like them too! They were a huge hit here for a while.

freakgirl said...

omg, Big Pig. I haven't thought about them for almost 20 years. WOW. I think I had a poster!