Tuesday, July 15, 2008

5 Somewhat Large Snippets About Tuesday The 15th Of July: When Will Winter Ever End? Edition

  • Onward and upward on the work front! I'm still holding a faint glimmer of hope for the job at the ABC that I applied for (although James, I know you said they were slow, but it's been weeks and I haven't been contacted for an interview - frankly it's not looking good). In the meantime I'm saying bye bye to the current temp post that I've been working at the past few weeks, where I've been getting less hours than promised on account of being too seriously fabulous and efficient, for a new post starting Monday. 9-5, Monday to Friday, and a considerably better hourly rate. Just pray they have internet, so that I'm not too efficient.
  • Oh, and speaking of which a sweet and kind benefactoress has offered me the loan of a surplus to requirements Mac laptop until I can afford my own! Yay! After I collect it this weekend no more crappy home internet connection (or the grungy internet place).
  • And speaking of James, as I was a moment ago, he's presently kicking up his heels in merry olde Sweden and having a completely fab time. Jealous, much? (And yes, that's me I'm talking about.) Check out his blog posts about his trip and join me in the little bits of bitter hateful envy.
  • Not least because he's having long Summer days that stretch forever into long Summer nights. Le sigh. I feel ungrateful for saying this, because today was actually kind of mild and nice, but this Winter and I are not getting along. Despite the opportunities to wear knitwear.
  • Watching James study his Swedish language lessons, and listening to the lilt of native speakers speaking German (in between all the mansnogs - schatz, ich liebe dich) has made me consider going back to refresh my language skills. German or Japanese, it would be nice to get back to speaking either reasonably well, like I used to. Education is a lifelong process.


Michael said...

I can see you being Japanese. I mean speaking Japanese.

Every time you gripe about winter I can only think "bitch, please." I know, you've heard it.

M-H said...

It's not that cold... Maybe you could grab a pilgrim and have a snuggle.

The Other Andrew said...

I agree M-H that's it not that cold, but I seem to be feeling it more this year maybe... Either way, OVER IT.

james said...

Mansnogs? None so far. Although I did have an awkward/odd moment with a thirty year half-naked German cyclist sitting close to me on my bed in the youth hostel. You'll have to wait until I get back to explain that one, as I still don't understand it myself. I guess Germans have different ideas about personal space than do most Australians!!